Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Girls vs Boys


My name is Wintermute and this is Dumbr. I was going to talk about conflict resolution but I am busy grading midterms, so some more stories.

I have taught both all boys and all girls classes now and I have to say all girls is farrr easier. I was told it would be boys but from what I noticed this is not the case.

The boys want to try and impress each other and their new teacher "friend". They go above and beyond to be helpful, annoying, stupid, smart, and excited all at the same time. They want you to know they are cool too like white american man.

 All they care about is what race I play in Starcraft, my favorite unit, do I four gate or six pool? Do I think collsi are imba, blah blah blah. I ask them if they play any sports, their reply is usually, "e-sports". I laughed the first time.

I've noticed the smart kids are the biggest problems, which of course makes sense. They are bored and not challenged and so act up.

Your Teacher,


  1. I bet it's tough dealing with all of those boys and their sling shot's.

  2. easy work, but man the cultural differences must be staggering.

  3. girls are way more problematic these days then the boys? agree? key

  4. I think girls can give you a harder time than boys... And poor amber :'(

  5. Sounds like a difficult job.

  6. sounds tough but sounds like an awesome job

  7. meh.. not sure about the boy/girl thesis..

  8. lol I think I was an issue in school a lot.. I enjoyed talking, and laughing.. I laughed at almost everything... I've been kicked out of class before for not controlling my laughter, isn't that something :( lol