Tuesday, July 12, 2011



Wintermute here with another daily dose of DUMBR. Sadly I might be working a bit much,  find it harder and harder to stay awake. the second i get home I fall asleep, wake up, and go right back to school. These days just seem to mesh together.

The fandom from the first year students has forced my hand, some of the rumors I hear just scare me and could get me in trouble. So I got real angry at students I don't even know yesterday. But I mean it really is ridiculous.Thankfully the school has not made one mention of any of it. Either they have no idea what these kids are saying, or just know its BS.

As for the other teacher who got in trouble because the school said he was looking at porn (when he wasn't), well all the foreign teachers backed him up, now the school will do an "investigation". However that was over a week ago and they still have not done it. I think the school is hoping to just drop it and let us forget about it.

Summer camp starts next week, from what I can tell none of my smart students have signed up which is very disappointing. Today is a loaded schedule full of classes,  none of which are very obedient, so I'm not looking forward to this. 

It's hot, like 33 degrees Celsius hot, I don't know Celsius, but its really F'ing hot and humid. It's really starting to get to me. I am more of a cold person, I do not like the heat. And Korea doesn't believe in air conditioning sooo.

Your Tired Teacher,


  1. I hope nothing negative comes of the whole investigation.

  2. No, today we pretty much determined it won't happen. The teacher accused is real upset, but I think he will just let it go.

  3. I have the same number of members on blogger as I have friends on facebook. 376 is my notoriety number.

  4. most people have about 150, called a dunbar number, which they think is the average size of a stone-age tribe.

  5. Wow, that is hot... they don't believe in AC?

    Well, I know this isn't cold, but what about fans? get yourself a few and just have them blow on you, take some cold showers, relax as much as you can and stop stressing over students! you'll be fine :)

    and your more of a cold person, just like myself, SO WHY ARE YOU IN A HUMID ATMOSPHERE? LOL you're crazy!