Thursday, October 27, 2011



Miss me yet? I was gone for a week in Seoul. It was a fun trip, good food, good people. Didn't do a whole lot. First I went to some castle like thing. Basically its where the King and Queen would live. Apparently they lived in separate buildings  and were not allowed to visit each other. Which is why Korea has not had many emperors in succession. Also the Queen is not allowed to leave her house, ever. So long story short, it would suck to be the Queen of Korea.

I also went through a secret garden where they boasted a 750 year old tree. I was expecting this huge thick trunk landmark, but instead I got what looked like a 750 year old tree. It was sad and droopy, split down the center, branches laying on the ground. Most of it was held together with ropes.

Also went to a show called Nanta, which was pretty impressive. Nanta is performed in 41 countries. Basically its a comedy show. There are 4 people chefs who are given a task to make a certain sum of food for a wedding. The two to be betrothed are selected from the audience. While cooking the dishes they discover that music and rhythm can be made from their utensils. Thus starts a whole Orchestra of slamming of knifes and plates. While impressive most music was performed from an audio track and not a lot of actual live performance. It was meant to be a comedy play and not so much a musical. 

And it was very funny, the audience was all English speakers so there was not much Korean spoken and a lot of intentionally bad English used. If like me you can go for free, I'd recommend it.

Your Teacher,


  1. Glad you had fun in Seoul! I wish I could get some time off of work to visit there.

  2. good to know if ever i'm in SK. :)

  3. sounds like a sweet vacation.


  4. Very interesting- thank you for sharing this with the rest of us that will most likely never visit Korea.