Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scavenger Hunt


Wintermute here. Long time no see. Last week I gave my students a list of things to do or find. They had one week to complete as many as they could. Which ever team had the most won a pizza party. Most of the classes were doing really well until they found out that one class in particular had finished almost the entire list. Afterwards almost everyone gave up.

I figured I showed some pictures of my favorites:

All students had to be turned opposite of the board with a teacher in the room. 

Every member wearing tin foil hats. 
3 students in an elevator, sitting on chairs, with a stranger.

one student shaving another. 

There was a total of 100 items on the list.

Your Teacher,


  1. i love scavenger hunts! they are so much fun!

  2. hey now... If your throwing out pizza parties I want in on the action. a3

  3. we did one of these kind of things with my basketball team at the start of the year, except we only had three hours and only like 15 things to get. It's super fun, some of yours are hilarious

  4. Tin foil hats are the best and the fact that there are dozens more of these is great