Wednesday, May 18, 2011



Wintermute here with your daily dose of Dumbr. Yesterday I promised a funny story so here we go. This happened on my first day here. For those of you who haven't been following along I work at an all girls middle school, which will be relevant to the story. For my first week I am supposed to follow around other foreign teachers to see how they work.

I went to one of their classes and everything was pretty normal, the girls got all excited, told me I was handsome and stared at me all hour.  When the class was over they had a 10 minute break, the girls all ran up to the front and crowded around me so I couldn't leave. They asked me questions, mostly non-creepy but a few awkward questions.

Eventually one really shy girl came up all red in the face and asked if she could shake my hand, I didn't think it was too weird and she seemed more normal and quiet then the other girls so I said sure and shook her hand. As soon as I did she starts screaming and hollering as if touched by the hand of God. She screamed my name followed by a lot of Korean words, immediately all the girls rush up and grab my right hand and start jumping up and down flipping out and screaming.

One smart girl figured out I had two hands and grabbed my left, others followed suit. I had 30 girls clinging on to my two hands jumping up and down screaming. They managed to push me all the way back up against a wall so I could not retreat. The Foreign Teacher was almost on the floor laughing yelling "he's a new kpop star!"

Finally I just pushed them off, one almost fell so I caught her by grabbing her shoulder and pulling her up before she fell. Sadly however she now sees me as some sort of hero and whenever I pass her in the hall she runs up and follows me around. She reminds me of that adoring fan in Oblivion.

I've been dealing with this all week and hope that it dies down, sadly however I have only been to one floor. I haven't even been on the other floors yet so theres still whole sets of students to push through. Thankfully no one has asked for hugs or anything creepy, sadly however a lot of students like to lift up each others skirts when I walk by, they seem to think its hilarious.

I will be monitoring the comments now as a lot of you write creepy comments, I'd rather ban you but since I don't know how... Hope all are well, be good to each other and see you tomorrow.

your teacher,


  1. Oh I now call the student that started it all handshake, shes the only kid here i can remember

  2. Can I shake your hand too?

  3. korean girls are weird :o you'd think they'd act more conservative like the other Asian populations.

  4. haahha "She reminds me of that adoring fan in Oblivion."

    Favorite part of the whole post.

  5. I didnt think it was still so uncommon for a non-native teacher to be in a japanees school..

    Or are you just f***ing hot? ;)

  6. first off I'm in Korea, and second, while I don't want to toot my own horn, I am rather good looking.

  7. wait.. you're.. good looking? haha jk :P
    but what a cute story "he's a new kpop star!" looool. i can imagine all the girls going crazy. (;

  8. You know you are popular when you start getting inappropriate comments. The other bloggers are just jealous! ;)

  9. Haha, oh man, you shouldn't be complaining. How old are these girls? first floor is for first graders?

  10. Ahaha funny stuff! :D

  11. Watch out on your blindside when dealing with the Japanese lol.

  12. Seems like you having some crazy adventures :D