Sunday, June 19, 2011



Wintermute here with your daily dose of DUMBR. Friday was the celebration of my day of birth. It was also pay-day, so that was nice. Walked away with roughly $5,000. Sadly most of that is for the plane ticket over paid on credit card, and I have other expenses to pay for such as medical exams and visa fees.

However that day has me a bit worried. Even though I hear I have a new middle school girlfriend everyday from the students, none have ever taken the time to really express their fondness for me before. But on Friday two went out of their way and not in private but in front of all of the teachers and principles. One Wrote me a b-day card which I thought was very thoughtful. But another girl decided to bring me a giant cake. I was so scared and nervous and I'm sure seemed like the biggest jerk in the world when I said "thank you" and immediately "good bye" without so much as a smile.

I kid you not the sadness on this child's face would have killed you. Two big puppy dog eyes staring back at you waiting for a favorable reply from her favorite teacher. She went out of her to buy a cake when none other even remembered it was my b-day, and all I did was turn her away. HOWEVER, fear not, I have her in class today and with no other teachers around plan on giving her a big thank you and huge sorry.

I am quite busy as of late, so fewer post, plus I don't have a computer on the weekends so a thousand pardons to all of you.

Your Teacher,


  1. Hehe, that is just soo cute, when students fall for teachers :D But i wouldn't want something like that for myself if i were you o_O

  2. Make sure she really knows how much you appreciated it. You handled it like you should have, though.

  3. didn't realize student's crushes on teachers actually went that far! Happy Belated btw!

  4. oh man, you better make it up to that student! happy bday!

  5. wow I hope you made it up to the kid. :)

  6. Today I am giving the class a pizza party

  7. Happy birthday ;)
    allthough i'm a bit late now!