Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I repeat


My name is Wintermute and this I DUMBR. Its a blog to help you be a better teacher. I don't know how many times I've talked about yelling and other forms of discipline but here I am again.

Yesterday I had a free hour and was rather bored, so I decided to sit on another teachers class. She had zero control. Her only punishment was yelling, and a lot of it. Obviously this had no effect on any of the kids. They were screaming the entire hour and all the teacher did was yell back the entire hour.

So eventually she sent some students home early and kept the "bad" kids around. Their punishment was they were not allowed to go home yet. Grant it , it wasn't even home time yet, so basically their punishment was staying the full period of class...I guess.

The teacher looks at me and says she doesn't understand why they wont shut up. The students sat there screaming at the top of their lungs. Mind you these kids are 14 years old, its not like they are little 5 year olds or anything.

So once again, this only proves my point that yelling at your students will do nothing. I mean really, everyone yells at them, their parents yell at them, the Korean teachers yell at them, their friends yell at them.They don't care, it doesn't effect them. You are going to need something a little more substantial then yelling.

Your Teacher,


  1. Yeah and also i remember hating any teacher that yelled all the time, even if it wasn't directed at me.

  2. That is pretty terrible, surprised she's allowed to teach without any control honestly.

  3. on an unrelated note, what happened to that student that gave you a birthday present?

  4. I had a pizza party with her class to celebrate her soon to come b-day.

  5. I always hated the teachers who yelled.

    the pizza party sounds like a nice end. I'm sure she was happy about it. also, happy belated wintermute!

  6. and that little more substantial would be what? :)
    I was also a teacher before, and I know how gets today need generals and policemen in the classrooms instead of teachers, because most of them bring problems from their families. Sometimes it's not fair to us teacher to be the ones who have to teach them manners and nice behaviour besides our primary subjects.

  7. God, reminds me of my sister. She only yells at her daughter.. I'm like.. you'll get through to her if you calmly talk to her and show her you're there for her, yelling does NOTHING!