Sunday, June 26, 2011

Possible Summer Plans


Your Wintermute here with another wonderful whip of DUMBR. I have been approached for  few jobs. One things I love about Korea is that strangers can pull their van up to you and it isn't creepy or scary. Some guy asked me to go teach at his school. I hopped in his van and took a look at it, it was pretty nice.

However I found a nice gig for summer break. I was asked to run a 3 week training program for teachers. Basically I will be teaching teachers for a little under 3 weeks. It pays around 3 million won or roughly 2 thousand dollars, so I figured I'd do it. I'll have to travel across the country but that isn't really saying much. Plus room and board is all paid for, so I won't have to worry about food and such.

I will also be running two summer camps for about 3 schools so all in all I should be rather busy and hopefully making a fair amount of money.

I also bought me some new headphones for the office. They were cheap Sony headphones. The nice part is their size. They are absolutely enormous meaning no one should come up and bother me.


  1. Sounds like a sweet job for the summer. And you get to travel a teensy bit, that's pretty awesome.

  2. sounds exciting, not sure about the van part though

  3. 2 months? for $2000? id want more cash.

  4. since when was less than 3 weeks 2 months? haha

  5. Yup, my momy always to get into vans with strangers :D