Wednesday, June 22, 2011



           Wintermute here with another daily dose of DUMBR. A lot of students have discovered my fondness for the pokemon series and thankfully a lot of my girls play pokemon. So now I can talk about pokemon with the girls and starcraft with the boys. I think I have officially become what you kids would say "the shit" with my students.

            Sadly in one class we got into a heated battle over which series is better. Most like Black and White, one loves Ruby, and of course I'm all about red, blue, yellow. Actually I am currently playing through yellow on this website:

Pokemon Yellow Version

I have also been showing my girls these Pokemon videos made by smosh. Do enjoy:

Pokemon in real life 1

Pokemon in real life 2

They absolutely love them and are usually on the floor clapping in jubilation. They miss half the jokes they are laughing so hard. So if you are in need of a ten minute time waster in class and don't know what to do. Show them pokemon videos.

Your Teacher,


  1. 2nd generation is the shit imo

  2. lol, thanks for the vids and the link to pokemon yellow. :)

  3. you got a very cool design of the blog, I just like it very much

  4. I love all the pokemon up to silver/gold. Maybe ruby/sapphire. After that it just got too ridiculous. Too much to keep track of and whatnot, at least as a kid.

  5. love the recent gen. black/white one

  6. hehe, I still love the red version!