Thursday, June 2, 2011

This week


Wintermute here with some Dumbr for you. To say I'm busy would be a gross understatement. Every time a student passes my office she flips out at the mounds of papers on my desk. I promise extra credit for those who help and say I will punish those who don't. Sadly neither method has worked and no student has helped.

The 2nd years (my students) have gotten a bit more use to me.With the end of the 2nd week its gotten around I'm the fun/funny one, whether or not thats a good thing for class I don't know.

 Mondays are the worst, just a bunch of bullys who pick on all the students. Thursdays are boring the students are so quiet and hardly active, pretty much the same with Friday.

Caught a girl the other day drawing pictures from a certain popular image based forum website I know you all go to. I started laughing, asked if she went on. She said yes she goes on using the school computers, I checked, she does. So now I got some channers in my class.

Your teacher,


  1. Man, she better be careful. She is underage and that might get her banned. Freakin bullies, though, they make everyone's life hell.

  2. That is tooo cute! Lol
    I would definitely help my oppa! <3

  3. sounds like you have a good schedule

  4. I have a feeling your admirers must be adorable. and why I am completely not surprised to hear that channers span the globe in pretty much every school?

  5. I always figured teaching girls would be more productive than boys. Oh well, at least when they're younger, boys get better after a while

  6. I pretty much live under a rock. Seriously! What is this "popular image based forum website" you are talking about? I'm intrigued...

  7. Pics or it didn't happen!!!