Monday, June 6, 2011



Wintermute here wit your Dumbr. I'm, still stuck grading, will be for a while. Not sure what to talk about. I'm excited as I finally get to teach instead of just giving test to students.

We just had a 3 day break, can't say I did much, just sort of explored the city. I cut my own hair, I think I did well. I think its funny though its a few inches shorter and no one has said anything. Before it covered my eyes and practically went to my shoulders. now its above my ears. buuuut whatever, maybe I just did a really bad job cutting it and no one wants to say anything haha.

I finally went to my favorite restaurant in Korea, I tried to go Sunday but it was so packed I couldn't get in even though I tried multiple times. Managed on Monday, I seemed to be a bit of hit, everyone was staring the whole meal. Worse was when I was at KFC everyone was taking pictures and giving me the heart sign.

Your Teacher,


  1. LOL I want to see this hair cut! :)

  2. I'd love to visit an asian country. I feel like there's no cultural variety where I live. So... just go out and explore where you are :)

  3. lol pretty random, so they don't see people like you often then? :P

  4. mastering cutting own hair is the best, saves money