Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Battleship Update


Your Wintermute here again with more DUMBR. Last week I started battleship, the kids loved it. So the other foreign teachers have decided to adopt it and start doing it as well. So now I am teaching it to them. I have another week of battleship left since I only did it with 4 classes. Those 4 classes are doing a quiz bowl this week which I prepared in about 20 minutes.

I have already done it with my first period class and the kids once again loved it and really got into it. The winner was this poor little sick girl who could hardly talk but yelled out her answers with so much enthusiasm. I intentionally put my two best students on the opposite side of the bracket, this was good and bad. They are best friends with each other and yours truly, and the loser was piiiiiiiiissed off at me after she lost. she would not look at me or talk to me. She calmed down after I gave her a red lolli pop as per request. and yes, 16 year olds still love lolli-pops.

the questions for the quiz bowl are very Family Feud enthused. They are really easy really simple questions that you can easily mess up on. Like name something yellow. name something you smell before you buy it. name something you take to the beach. name something that gets passed around. So on and so forth. I have 75 of these so it last the whole hour with a ultimate winner who receives tons of bragging rights and a lolli pop.

Sadly I had one girl in tears when I walked in.
See in Korea after you take a test your scores are posted on all of the walls for everyone to see. Apparently this girl did not do well on her finals, so when I walked in she was bawling... I let her cry and gave her a lolli-pop, she seems happier.

Your Teacher,


  1. Ewww scores posted on walls always suck I feel the girl.

  2. I'm glad your game worked out, keep it up.

  3. i've heard of that practice where they place results on the walls. perhaps that's why their intelligence is higher on the bell curve seeing as they don't want to face any humiliation?