Monday, July 4, 2011

Text Books


Wintermute here with another daily dose of DUMBR. While the situation has not gotten any better over here I figure it best to just stay out of everyone's way and do my job. I'm in charge of making the midterms for my students so I went out and bought some books. Figure I share with you in case you were planning on teaching English to someone.

They are called Reading Plus, needless to say you can find hundreds of books all rather similar in style, but I like the depth of these books. They teach about genre and try to get you to understand the "main theme" of each story.

Most of all I really enjoyed the vocab in the books. Very different from what you usually find, I feel like its real English as opposed to most of the generic stuff you would find. Best part is there is not one word of Korean or any language other than English.

These books come in a series of 3, with the level going up each number. They also include a workbook which is a nice supplement and they are only $10 each.

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