Sunday, July 17, 2011

Build a bridge


So I don't have to much time before my next class but this week is summer camp and we are building bridges. It's a 3 hour class and my first attempt was horrrrible. It went so bad. The kids were tired, its Monday, its summer, no one wants to be here. So I've made improvements, I hope the 2nd attempt goes better.

Will post updates regularly, off I go!


Okay, so second attempt did go better, however nobody really finished. It seems kids really don't like working with glue. I have wax paper now so I hope that helps. I'll tape it to the desk. I also won't spend the whole time on bridges. I'll open up with a fun game, then go into bridges. I'm also going to make the groups larger.  Do girls against boys.

Update II:

So on Tuesday morning the school decided against building things. Which means the teachers all had to think of something else. None did however except for me, I am now just playing games for 3 hours with the kids. Which is going very well and we are having a lot of fun. To the one who posted saying you wanted to see the bridges, I have already posted mine. I did take a picture of one kids.

Your Teacher,


  1. You should post some pictures! I want to see what kind of bridges you are building!

  2. Better than doing it on CAD :D

  3. Ahhhh. I am now sated. I seriously was waiting until I could see the pix! Thanks!

  4. I hope that kid turns out to be a poet, not an engineer!

  5. I remember doing this type of stuff in science. We were learning about towers. The class was put into groups, and you had a certain amount of time to make it stable and the tallest, except we used straws and/or popsicle sticks, with glue or tape. It was pretty fun.

  6. Girls against boys sounds like a great way to get the most out of the kids!

  7. Yeah, post some more pics :P