Sunday, July 31, 2011

Elementary School


Wintermute here for some Dumbr. All last week I had to teach at various different elementary schools in the area. It was rather exhausting running all over the city trying to find these schools. Usually there was no body there waiting with any kind of instructions. So I would just roam the halls until I found some students.

I had to teach about recycling which was a major drag and hella boring. Most of the kids knew everything there was to know about recycling. The first day I was naive, I ran up full of smiles, and asked "WHY IS POLLUTION SO BAD?!?!?" The kids looked at me and said " teacher, pollution causes holes in the o-zone layer which allows the suns ultra violet rays to harm our skin".

So my lesson plan literally consisted of maybe 20 minutes talking about recycling, the other two hours spent talking and goofing off. The kids loved me and it was a lot of fun. Some really bad kids, some really special kids, some really smart kids correcting my English.

Thankfully the kids really enjoyed making piggy banks out of old bottles. Sadly some kids brought these heavy duty bottles, like power-ade or worse. So I had to cut them with a knife, I messed up and slit my thumb. With blood gushing everywhere the kids asked, "does it hurt teacher?"

Since you guys don't read and only want pictures, here are some pictures. You may notice the kids look old, because they are 13. 13 is a normal age for elementary students in Korea. Some pictures are middle school summer camp as well. I done for the next 3 weeks. I'm at my school now, I'm the only one here, but its the only computer I have. I'll stop in every other day maybe.

Your Teacher,


  1. What, no finger pictures? :P The piggy banks are awful cute, though!

  2. That's cool :) Sorry for your thumb... Is it better yet?

  3. little girl with glasses looks bored. ;)

  4. "some really smart kids correcting my English."
    I lol'd.

    Glad you're back, and I hope your thumb is alright.

    I do so read your postings! But, yeah, majority doesn't read at all... >:O always nice to add pictures though :3

  5. naw she wasnt bored so much as she didnt want her picture taken. she thought she was out of frame.

    my thumb while it looks ugly feels okay.