Friday, July 1, 2011



Wintermute here with a nothing else better to do post on DUMBR. Korean schools are very well known for giving foreigners drama. I think they live off of it. Last month I had my fair share of really bad pointless drama. This month it is another teachers turn.

This poor guy. I mentioned in an earlier post that we have caught the girls looking at porn on the classroom computers. Well now so has the school, and guess who they decided to blame. The American teacher. He explained to the school that "no, it is the students who are looking at the porn". The school replied saying, "that's impossible, Koreans are too conservative and don't do that kind of stuff".

First off, holy crap can they be anymore racist? Second that's a load of bull. They have more whore houses then any other country, and as I have mentioned in nearly every post these girls are some of the horniest people in the world.

So the teacher decided to go on every computer and write down every website the students were going on. Today they brought the teacher back in and accused him again. This time they had nearly every principle and random teachers from all over the school district to drill him for almost an hour, even teachers who are not associated with this school. He provided the paper with the sites his students went on but the school did not care, they continued to blame the teacher anyway.

My argument was this, why in the world would he use the classroom computer to look at porn? He can go home and look at all the porn in the world, it makes no sense.  Obviously the teacher is very upset and depressed by all of this, I feel really bad for him because I know first hand how it feels to have an entire school make up lies about you and blame you for stuff you did not do.

The teacher has contacted all the right people and is raising hell against the school, which is good and bad. Because really its going to make the school angry and probably go after other teachers. We think they are planning a clean slate of teachers and have already begun looking for new ones. Most Foreign teachers here are looking for new positions. Thankfully I have already secured myself a 2nd contract should things go sour.

They have also asked all the teachers to turn in an entire semesters worth of Lesson plans in one day. I was able to finish while also dealing with immigration, banking, and more drama with the school. Guess I shouldn't complain too much, I've had it pretty easy, but I feel my time is coming. 

TLDR - Things are tough

Your Teacher,


  1. seems like a lose-lose situation. :|

  2. Things are tough.. I saw a quote today for the first time that sort of relates that I like a lot.

    "Sometimes life takes you on emotional roller-coasters... You have no choice but to ride."

    Kind of inspirational in a weird way.

  3. My goodness... Why can't the block porn sites and proxy sites on the computers though?? I know that my highschool did that, and I'm sure it's not hard to do either... (Not implying I looked up porn on the computer, but usually when you searched something/anything on google, all the porn images were red because they were blocked)

  4. I hope everything is OK for you and the teacher in question.

  5. That's pretty ridiculous, sounds like they are just looking for a reason to fire him.

  6. thats terrible for the teachers that do care

  7. That sounds like some hard times, I just kind of find incredible how they rather keep themselves blind to the problem and just blame it on someone else.

  8. any school that would get rid of a teacher as inventive and hard working as you is crazy. I feel so bad for the poor american teacher.

  9. wait if off, next month they will find another scapegoat!
    Just suport him, and explain tzo him that thats the ways shit goes down over here!