Monday, August 15, 2011



Wintermute here with a dear DUMBR diary. i feel like this summer has been a complete waste. i could have gotten in so much gamming. i am really considering buying a ps3, ive taken to watching lets play videos on youtube all day long.

I am also really missing american food. the first thing im buying when i get paid is a pizza hut pizza. and fried chicken. being low on income i have taken to eatting nothing but tuna twice a day. sadly i ran out of mayo and replaced it with honey mustard.... i dont recommend it.

Also someone asked me how i asked yuri to be my girlfriend. i was corny and did it in korean. if you are looking to ask a korean cutie out its "na rang gil re". Or something like that.
And the reason why the koreans age the same as chinese is because they both use a lunar calender. which is why i call them moon people.

To shona. i could not find your facebook. A thousands sorrys to you.

i gave my students summer vacation homework. im really curious to see if anyone did it haha. sadly most of my students resemble konata and not kagami.

your ten minute pastime,


  1. You don't play PC games at all?
    I suggest if not, you should get a ps3, they're handy when you're bored. Although I prefer PC.

    They have pizza hut there? hahah, I bet it taste a lot different though :(

    Tuna, and mustard? yuck.
    If you have cheese swiss, it goes pretty good with tuna.. not the best, but I'm sure better then mustard.