Monday, August 8, 2011

Facebook Official


Wintermute here with some mibile DUMBR. Im trying to compose this message from my phone which is proving rather difficult and upsetting me. I took a short vacation to glorious nippon. I must say i am very proud ofmyself as i was able to understand most conversations while walking around. needless to say teachers pay did not permit me to stay long and now im bored beyond believe. thankgod for movie marathons on tv and doudecim. In case you were wondering about me and kimyuri it is now facebook official. sadly however shes away in seoul for the week on vacation with her parents which she says is really boring.

some of you asked about the diffence korean age and globla age. when a korean is born they are one year old as opposed to zero. also koreans use a lunar calender making the first of the year our febuary 26th. Why is that important? because koreans dont "age" on their date of birth. they age on the new year. Meaning in feb. everyone goes up one year. so what this means is everykorean will be at least one year off of their real global age or maybe even two. i had a friend born december 25th. which means when she was 2 months old she was considered 2 years old by korean standards. this is why you will see 4 year olds already in real school.silly i know.

Stay cool and bug bite free.sorry for the hundreds of typos.

your teacher,


  1. interesting. i kind of like that system. no more stupid birthday parties!

  2. this must be why most east asians don't seem to age at all! :)

  3. lol congrats on the relationship! How did you ask her out? :3 through text, because you're shy? lol :p feel free to add me on fb if you want /spitefulbanter

    But that's interesting about the age, never knew that!

  4. No i asked her in korean. very difficult

  5. Aw! lol I'm sure she loved that though.

  6. the age thing is the same as the chinese. it's a bit weird, but whatever. :P