Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Good the Bad and the Ugly


Wintermute here with DUMBR in the classroom. Miss me yet? School has been pretty good. Taking a bit to get back into the routine of things. I'm a little sad, Wednesday is my favorite day and favorite students and now its over, I have to wait a week to see them again. It was a very good Wednesday though, we just spent all hour talking in the classes. One hour was spent doing a critical analyses of 2ne1s music videos.

I am happy to see that a lot of students did do their homework and I have gotten some really good presentations.  In fact one of my worse did the best. She didn't read anything, she was fully prepared and able to just talk for a solid 5 minutes.

The boys however have been terrible as expected. None did the homework, and have forgotten my rules, and gave me many opportunities to remind them.  

I have begun applying for new teaching positions in Japan. So hopefully that goes well and gets me out of Korea. I am still searching for a PS3, its been hard. The rest of the world dropped the price to $250 but not Korea, and still has them for $400.

Next post I will go back to writing about possible lesson plan ideas, you know, the point of this blog.

Your Teacher,


  1. leaving your girlfriend for Japan already? :(

  2. haha, i didn't realize that was the point of the blog. that would be awesome to teach in japan. i considered trying to do that for a while.

  3. Great post! ..hope you get the job in Japan!

  4. I hope that old adage about it being easier to find a new job when you're currently working holds true for you.