Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fireside Chat


Wintermute here with some DUMBR. I finally got a PS3, and am very happy. Spent the whole night re-DLing all my games off of the PSN. HOWEVER, because I got the PS3 in Korea it is an Asian PS3 meaning the buttons are mapped differently.

O is enter and X is cancel. Now I will say while it makes since when written out, my hands are permanently registered and wired to want to press X for enter. If you can remember the days of the Metal Gear Solid Menu screen or playing FF7 for the first time, it's like that. It makes every game have a different feel to it, and its a bit hard to get use to.

Some one asked if I'm leaving my Girlfriend for Japan. First off I'm not leaving until February, and I have no problem leaving people to satisfy my own selfish dreams. I would never base my life off of a relationship and I highly recommend you all do the same. Nothing is forever.  I have left kith and kin on a daily basis, it gets easier.

Your Teacher,


  1. blrrggggghssss......

    ....that's the sound of your girlfriend's soul breaking apart.... :(

  2. Oh my. The controller issue would probably piss me off a little lol - when I lose :(

  3. I totally agree with you, nothing is forever. Maybe some people don't realize that it was great (probably) while it last.