Tuesday, September 13, 2011



Wintermute here. Korea just celebrated its only real major holiday called Chuseok. It's their thanksgiving so to speak. Everyone leaves home and goes to the grandparents house to eat food such as seongpyeon. That's about it really.

Sadly during Chuseok the whole country is closed, no stores are open. I had to travel for 2 hours just to find an open McDonalds and one of my smartest students who thankfully had forgotten all English and was unable to bother me.

For the majority of the four day break I just played video games and got back into the habit of cooking. While I wanted to message people and friends I figured it best not to bother others during their holiday and family time.

Now school has started back up on a Wednesday and I want nothing more than lots of sleep.

Your Teacher,


  1. first sentence of the third paragraph has a typo...i hope.

  2. cocaine's one hell of a drug lmao; " got back into the habit of coking"

    We all want sleep your not alone.

  3. oooohh and now I understand y'alls comments.

    I meant cooking