Sunday, September 4, 2011



Wintermute here with a fun foreign fable in our daily dose of Dumbr. I went to the store to use the ATM there. I first wanted to check my bank balance, as i was typing in my pin number some guy came up and stood not 2 inches away from me. He saw my pin number and saw how much money was in my account.

I then took out some money. The guy started talking to me. He was the friendliest person on Earth, so friendly that surely nothing could be wrong about him.He just wanted to be my friend and bud.He started asking for my name and then my address, he wanted to know where I lived. He then began asking for my cell number. I told him I don't know where I live, my name is Winter and I don't have a cell phone. I'm pretty sure he could see the indention in my pocket outlining the shape of a cell phone because he kept insisting on the number saying I do have a phone.

He told me he just wanted to help me out and show me around, he asked how could we meet again. I told him same place same time same day. He said excellent. To be perfectly honest I feel a little insulted. I mean this guy didn't even try, to think I am that dumb, how rude. At least put some effort into it, get to know me a little, take me out for dinner or something.

Anyway, to those of you who travel abroad, don't be dumb, avoid people like this.

Your Teacher,


  1. Oh yeah sure that sounds like he was just trying to be nice.

  2. what? no way, he seems so legit.

    you just missed out on a friend. ;)

  3. probably he's just starting out as a scammer.

  4. For girls, it would be best to travel with at least one other person, especially if you are using an ATM machine.

  5. I ran into a similar problem the last time I traveled to New York. A shady looking guy pegged the young woman I was traveling with and I as an out-of-towners and started jawing at me in the Subway terminal that connects with the JFK airport. This guy was very insistent that I was wasting my money by trying to pay for a Subway ticket. He could sell me one for far less than what the machine would charge me, he promised. Despite the fact that I researched the cost of a multi-day pass online before traveling, the whole process of paying using the automated machine was new to me and the fact that the cost according to the machine was a little different than the rate I was quoted online made the process stressful enough without this guy telling me about the way he could scam me the whole time.

    I thought about telling this guy where he could stick his obviously already used Subway fare cards but settled on staying between him and the girl while calmly telling him "no" repeatedly until he disappeared.

  6. LOL This kinda of made me giggle.. he had the audacity to think you were dumb!