Monday, September 19, 2011

Couple games


Wintermute here to talk about teaching, welcome to DUMBR. I'm not sure if I have mentioned these things, if I have its always good to review. I have Open Class tomorrow so I am doing a lot of things to make sure it goes well.

Popsicle sticks:
I have placed everyone's name on a Popsicle stick and put them in a cup, when its time to call on someone I shake the cup and draw out a name. This is good because the sound of shaking will get the students ready, and it makes sure I call on everyone. Generally speaking I know who my good kids are and tend to just call on them when need arises. It is possible I will draw a bad kid stick, but then I can just help them which makes me look good too.

2ne1 Ball:
I am overly proud of this ball. I bought a ball and have written questions on it. I throw the ball to a student, they read the question then must answer it. I call it my 2ne1 ball because I can throw it... to anyone!!! DOOHOHOHO. My students like the joke...anywho, this is good because again it gets the kids attention and ready to catch. Its worked better than I thought.

I am also going to do Haikus for my open class. It helps teach syllables, which for Koreans is very important. They tend to put too many syllables in words, even my name. The start of my name does not exist in their language so they supplement it with an extra syllable. I have them clap along with the words we speak. They tend to enjoy it and write more haikus even after class.

I picked my smartest class for open class which is good...and bad. Things tend to go faster in that class, so I will have to try and really slow things down so not to end early.I guess we will find out tomorrow.

Your Teacher,


  1. re your comment: yeah i should just turn gay already; i'd have much more romantic success.

  2. that is pretty clever, the 2ne1 ball! I like it!

  3. Those are good games indeed, makes learning fun...
    Did you come up with them all by yourself? Wow...

  4. re: oh! haha. i thought you were referring to DEZMOND's comment.