Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Open class


Your tired Wintermute here with some quick DUMBR. I just had my open class in front of the principles and all the English teachers and some random people I don't know. It went well. I picked the right class.

They walked in very nervous, so I was very fun and happy. Class started and I could tell they were not ready to talk as even attendance made them nervous. I did talk a little fast once or twice as I was a bit nervous but that's all. After attendance I brought out the 2ne1 ball and said my joke, everybody was laughing, it really helped break the tension. The teachers didn't laugh.

We then did some review, which went by so fast because they are my smartest class. Then we played a matching game. That too went twice as fast as usual. I then skipped a step (and didn't realize it until class was over) which is really bothering me still.

We moved on to charades, which I thought was going to be fantastic with these students. Buuut stupid Winter thinking a student wants to perform silly chores in front of her teachers and principles. She was sweating and red. BUT she gritted her teeth and did ...okay

Then the Haikus. We talked about syllables, they loved it. They were clapping along and doing too good. So that went fast. We did the worksheet a little fast. And then we did rhyming, which I have a lot of fun with. The kids and teachers were all laughing. And then it came time for the kids to write their haikus, I pass out the chocolate and let them write. This is supposed to entertain them for like 3 minutes and the bell rings. I checked the clock... I had ten minutes left. Ohh fudge.

So because I picked my smartest and best behaved it went very good but very fast. So I improved and my kids played along very very well with me. Because they did so well I bought three pizzas and am about to go to lunch with them. I'm glad its over.

Your Teacher,


  1. Hope you had a chance to relax. Take it easy.

    Charades is such a fun game! I would love to be in your class and play games all day! ;)