Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kpop Slam / Pokemon


Wintermute here with some Dumbr. I have not posted in a really long time, not due to laziness, just lack of desire. Figured while I'm here I'll talk about what I'm doing this week.

With the boys:
We are talking about Pokemon. You might think, "wow, what a terrible teacher". But you'd be surprised the amount of new English words I am able to teach from this lesson. First I go over what an element is. Then go over what elements the Pokemon world has. The students can usually describe them but do not know the words for them. Then I go over a bunch of Pokemon, what element they are, what animal / item they are, and then how they got their English name. They really enjoy the snivy (snake-ivy), servine (serpent-vine) collection. I'm surprised they know what Chandelure is supposed to be. I make a Pokemon with them on the board, they really enjoy that part even though its very kindergarten. Then I have them make their own Pokemon at their desk.

With the Girls:
My girls love Pokemon too, but I don't think it will hold as many students attention and for as long as with the boys. So I play K-POP Slam. Again it might sound like a bad idea, but it gets them talking in a lot of English. Basically each Korean song uses a lot of English words. I give them those English words and they have to figure out what song it goes to. There's also 2ne1 surprise buttons, they can be either good or bad if you choose to take them. There's a whole PPT to go with the game complete with videos, .GIFs, and so on.

It has gotten to the point where I no longer teach anything substantial and instead my lessons have reached a point of obscurity. My students know this and expect this, when I walk in they ask what game we are playing today. Truth be told I feel like I'm doing a wonderful job as I make my students speak English all hour and they don't even know it. I don't have to  force them and they seem to enjoy for the most part. You do get those super brainy kids with their nose in their book looking at the students with disgust, but oh well.

Your Teacher,


  1. it's good that your classes are fun AND educational. :D

  2. yes my classes are both educational and entertaining. they are...edutaining!!!

  3. who knew that Pokemon could be educational? ;)