Sunday, September 25, 2011

Witch Hunt


Wintermute here with some DUMBR. Last time we talked about a game for the boys called Zombie Attack. The correct answer was Scientist because he might be able to cure the disease. The Hunter because he has a gun. And the Teacher because he is smart and resourceful. Someone asked how old my kids are, they are mostly 15.

For the girls I will play a different game, its called witch hunt. Sadly its hard to explain and a bit complicated. First You get everyone in a circle. They are all the townspeople. You tell the town to go to sleep. You select two (or more) to be the witch by tapping their head. You say witches wake up, the two witches wake up and have to select one student to kill. No matter how many witches their are, they all have to agree to kill only one towns person.

Then everyone wakes up. It's a brand new day and they find that one towns person is now dead. It is up to the other towns people to talk among them and decide who they think is the witch. They must select two people, then those two people each give a statement as to why they are NOT the witch. After each statement the town picks only one person to execute. If they are wrong then another towns person died. If they are right there is one less witch.

Someone made an good point. In this game you can add other characters such as Police officers and Judges. I may or may not experiment with this. I think it would be a good idea as it would keep more people involved.

Your Teacher,


  1. haha, i've played this game before, only my friend called it werewolves something. plus, it had other characters like lovers, the magician.

    one time, there were around 20 of us in the game; the first round (or day) lasted almost ten minutes. :D

  2. not a game that i have played before, but it sounds like quite the game! :D

  3. Hey! I should have let you know, I didn't delete you on facebook! I deleted my facebook though lol just some personal issues :3

  4. Lol skype? if you have it, add me, Shona.s52

    & I'll buy you ten, better yet, I'll make you it :D lol

  5. Sounds like a fun party game to play, witch hunt, haha.

  6. There a similar popular game in germany called "Warewolf" in which 2(or more) Warewolves kill the townspeople in their sleep.

    In our version,
    There is also a "little girl". She is aloud to keep her eyes open during the night, and can thus see who the warewolves are. But if she is to obvious about it, she´s the first to die.

    Theres also a "witch" in the game. She 'wakes up' after the warewolves have killed their victem. She has 2 potions; one to resurect a the person killed that round, even herself, and has 1 poison, with which she can kill a person of her choice. She may only use every potion once.

    and e few more..
    there´s info on it on wikpedia (in German, French, Spanish and Dutch)