Thursday, June 9, 2011

One bad All bad


Wintermute here with your daily dose of Dumbr in the classroom. Today we are going to talk about another discipline method. This is a method often used in Asian cultures.

Basically if one student does bad in the classroom all of the students are punished for it.  This is how the Americans at my school run their class. I can see the benefits, it puts pressure on all the students to behave because you don't want to be the social outcast of the classroom. And students will tell others to shut up because they don't want to get punished.

However I feel that it does not help as the good kids will start to do bad. They are getting punished anyway so why not go ahead and be bad. I have used this method in class but at the same time give the good kids a lighter punishment. It seems to be effective.

Your Teacher,


  1. Seems smart, to give the good kids a lighter punishment :)

  2. i think thats not cool for the good kids

  3. Everybody is probably going to hate you for punishing them all for one bad apple.

  4. I dont think this is a good way of getting the class to work together..
    Punishing the inocent is a big nono in my eyes! Making the student watch each other is not rigth, thats the teachers job

  5. None of my teachers ever did this. There are too many negative effects.

  6. It does more harm than good.

  7. Yeah giving the good kids a lighter punishment seems not to bad an idea.