Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Love and Boredom


Wintermute here with some Dumbr. So its only the third day of summer break and I wish I had brought my PS3. I'm really considering buying a new one here. The boredom is maddening.

There is a restaurant I frequent called Hans Deli. I go there every other day. They know me well there and I get a lot of free food and drinks. recently a new girl started working there but only for a short while. I got her number and we've been talking non stop ever since. Sadly however I am dreadfully shy around her in person, I never know what to say and I sound like an idiot when I try and talk with my corny goofy smile.

Thankfully she is shy too, and clumsy. Yesterday while staring in one direction at me and walking in another direction away from me she dropped five plates she was holding which then broke into millions of pieces. I wanted to help clean but I figured the restaurant people would not let me.

She said she will be my girlfriend if I learn more korean. So I don't want to jump the gun and then sound like an idiot in a later post, but things look good. Most of our phone conversations last until 1 or 3 in the morning and usually consist of;

Me: go to bed,
Yuri:  no i dont want to go to bed i want to talk to you, you go to bed
Me: I dont want to go to bed i want to talk to you, you go to bed.

and then there's

Me: I miss you
Yuri: I miss you more
Me: I miss you most

this goes on for about three hours a day.

And yes her name is Yuri, make all the jokes you want. She is 20 years old Korean age, so about 18-19 years old global age. I do think its rather funny though that my job is to train people to talk, yet I'm incapable of even saying hi to her sometimes. I hate being so shy. I'll take a picture of her so you all can see, because I know you love pictures.

Your Love Struck Shy Teacher on Summer Break,


  1. That is some Shakespearean poetry you have there, Mr. English teacher man. ;)

  2. Thats adorable :) I didn't know there was a difference between Korean and Global Age... huh. I wish you luck with Yuri.

  3. ahhh, wintermute's in LOVE!

  4. Hope everything works out for you :) ....there's a difference between Korean age and Global?

  5. That's cool, good luck with the girl! Also, how does that korean age thing work? How can it be different? :p

  6. Aw! you gotta crush!

    That's adorable, the little chats you have that go on.

    I was like that in the beginning of my relationship, and now we're down each others throats yelling, but yet still find the humor in our arguments, because it's always over simple things.

    But, treasure these moments the most ;)