Sunday, August 28, 2011



Wintermute here with some daily DUMBR. Kept myself busy this weekend with inFAMOUS 2.  Finished it on hero route, played through most of evil. Good game, worth a pick up if you have a PS3.

It always bothers me how I never seem to have time to make good lesson plans for my classes. In Korea most schools pile on busy work for you to do to keep you busy. They don't want their foreigners having it easy. I understand this as most foreign teachers do take it easy and don't make lesson plans and just sort of wing it all the time.

The worst part are the excuses, right now I have to write 40 individual test, one for each class. They say its because they don't want the students cheating, but honestly the kids don't care enough about this test to try and pass, and they sure as hell don't care enough to cheat. Each test is about 25 questions, so that's about 1000 individual questions from my little noggin.

The time spent on this is time that could have been spent on making real lesson plans for my classes. I feel bad as I have a class thats completely free topic that I teach for about 3 hours a week. I could literally do just about anything. However with no time to prepare I just have them watch Modern Family.

Long story short, test suck, even for teachers.

Your Teacher,


  1. Ah, that's HORRIBLE! wow.. I wish the best for you :(

  2. ...or maybe free up some more of your time by being less infamous....


  3. individual tests seems pretty extreme. why not just observe them closely as they take the test?

  4. If I was a teacher, I would probably wing it too! ;)

  5. Ouch! With 1,000 questions to create I would spend some serious time searching for a database of appropriate questions online.

    I hope this goes as quickly as it possibly can for you.