Monday, August 29, 2011



Wintermute here with another daily dose of DUMBR. Do you remember the first day of school? You go between 7 classes and in each class the teacher goes over the roster and then the syllabus. I'm starting to learn the power of the syllabus.

Yesterday I just about had it with the boys. Its the same routine every time. "I'm sorry teacher", "I wont do it again teacher", "its okay teacher", "give me one more time teacher". Sadly I dont do warnings, or one more times. I had about a whole day of this, and then I got a good class. Every student was quiet and paying attention and even asking questions! All except two.

They were hitting each other, saying every bad word under the sun, laughing loudly, talking, so on and so forth. I said stop, didn't work, so I had to move them. They wouldn't move. Oh man I snapped, made the two boys cry, which is okay, and then carried on with class and every body was laughing and having a good time so all ended well.

HOWEVER, I am now in the process of making a syllabus, and I will have every student sign the syllabus saying they understand the rules. I do this because of the excuses and sorriness.  I do this for every time they say they did not understand, or did not know that was not okay. Which is BS of course, but now I will have their signature. I suggest all do the same.

Your Teacher,


  1. In America, a syllabus is a legal binding document - so a signature is very important! Not sure what the law is where you are, though.

  2. i was in class today, joking around with my friend when all of a sudden this teacher guy snapped at me, making me cry.... worst first day of school. ever....

    i kid. ;)

  3. Mine wont be legal binding, it'll be Winter binding. Meaning you break it I break you.