Thursday, September 22, 2011

Zombie Attack


Wintermute here with some daily DUMBR. Every kid in America loves zombies and apparently so do Korean kids. This week with the boys I am doing a zombie attack survival scenario. 

Basically I tell them there is a zombie virus outbreak and now there are zombies everywhere. There is a safe shelter about 5 miles away but only enough room for you and 3 other people. Of the 6 with you, you have to decide on which 3 would be the best to take and help you make it to safety. 

There is; The Doctor, The Teacher, The Cheerleader, The Scientist, The Fireman, and The Hunter. 

The student must weigh the Pros and Cons of each individual and then pick their three. Each person comes with a bio and information about them to help the kids, which I wont post them all but, which team do you think stands the best chance of making it to the shelter?

EDIT: My kids have given me some new ideas and some really good pros to choosing the cheerleader. (Haha) so the point system has changed. and I added two new classes. The Priest and Football player. The priest is immune to the zombies, but that's about it. 

Your Teacher,


  1. at first glance, i would say doctor, scientist, and hunter. but that's probably the obvious and wrong answer, isn't it?

  2. If I say only the teacher survives, would you think that I was only trying to suck up? ;)

  3. Most definitely the fireman, the hunter, and the doctor. That would be the best team for sure.

  4. LOL! How old are these kids? Teaching them to survive a Zombie appocolyps might not be a bad idea, considering they way things are going.
    -My picks: Fireman, scientist , doctor